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Over the coming months our IT Services are migrating LJMU email from our onsite servers to online cloud storage. You will receive an official LJMU email when your mailbox is due to be moved. When your mailbox has been migrated you will need to remove LJMU mail synced with devices such as your mobile phone, tablets and laptops and re add the account with the Microsoft Outlook app.

How do I remove my LJMU email from my current devices?

Please see this link for how to remove your email from any current devices.

How do I re-add LJMU email once my mailbox has been migrated?

Please see this link for information on how to configure LJMU email with devices once your account has migrated:

What do I need to do in preparation for this?

You don’t need to do anything in preparation for this, you will be contacted when your mail box is due to be moved. Once completed see the above links for how to remove/re-add LJMU email to any devices.

I now get an error when trying to sign in to webmail.

Clear the browser cache and cookies and retry. The method for this will vary by browser, refer to the specific browser guidance for how to do this. Here is how to do this on Edge, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox

When signing into webmail I get a redirection link, is this correct?

When you sign in to webmail after the migration you will be provided with a redirection link and the message: 'Use the following link to open this mailbox with the best performance', This is as expected, click the link and then sign in with and your LJMU password when prompted.

If you you get an error to say the operation has failed or 'Something went wrong' then refresh the webpage to fix this.

My mail box has been moved but I can only see email from the last year, how can I find older emails?

Exchange Online will be using a feature called Cached Mode. This makes browsing through your emails a lot faster but also means that only emails up to 1 year old will be displayed in your mailbox. Using the search function in Outlook will return all results still even for emails older than 1 year.

If you need access to emails which are older than 1 year in your mailbox please see this link.

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